2023 Toyota Sequoia: Making Up for a Lost Model

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2023 Toyota Sequoia Mount Airy

2021 marked the last year the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser would be on the market. And while that exit left a gap in the Toyota SUV market for quite some time, Toyota was hard at work behind the scenes reshaping the Sequoia to fill that void.

Announced in 2023 the Toyota Sequoia is a redesign that has been due for quite a while.

Last redesigned in 2008, the SUV had stayed mostly the same while competitors had overhauled fan favorites, sometimes multiple times. 

From all we know about the 2023 Toyota Sequoia, the wait was worth it. The features and expectations centered around the 2023 Sequoia are impressive and innovative, leaving a lot of folks counting down to its release. Dealers like Mount Airy Toyota will be there to answer your questions and put you ahead of the curve in getting your hands on an SUV sure to shape the market.


A Farewell to The Land Cruiser

Before looking to the future, it’s important to talk about the past. Toyota’s choice to tap the Sequoia as the spiritual successor to the Land Cruiser shows an immense amount of confidence in the new model.

The Land Cruiser has had a 60-year run in the United States. Likely older than most of the people reading this article. With such a long run, the Land Cruiser has cemented itself as the SUV of choice for many families across the country. In fact, following the announcement of the Land Cruiser’s discontinuation, sales sky-rocketed, selling more in January 2021 than any other month of the decade.

Now, we have many people that are heartbroken about the discontinuation of an icon, though looking at the Sequoia, with all of its perks, has eased some of that grief.

So, before we get any further, goodbye to the Land Cruiser, Toyota’s longest-running nameplate.


A New Chapter

The Toyota Sequoia is a new chapter in Toyota’s SUV sales. Understanding the need to deliver something with some power and awe, especially considering the delay of a bottom-up redesign of well over 10 years. Now, they’ve done just that.

The 2023 Sequoia is an SUV suited for the future, and it’s dedicated to leading the way in innovation and harkening back to the features that made so many love Toyota’s older SUVs (looking at you, Land Cruiser.)


Hybrid with Powerful Performance

The imposing design of the Sequoia isn’t what you’re likely to picture when thinking of an electric vehicle. That means those who buy a Toyota can expect to save money at the gas pump, which means more trips and fun for you and your whole family.

That hybridization provides fuel efficiency, but it also supports power that’s nearly unrivaled in the current SUV market. That power is evident in the numbers, boasting 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque.


Interior Fit for Your Family

The three-row Sequoia is engineered with a big group in mind, comfortably seating up to 8 people, the SUV can handle almost any family or friend group imaginable. As with most SUVs, the Sequoia has flexibility in that seating that lets you increase storage or seating space with ease.

Those who choose the SR5 premium package and above can count on a hands-free liftgate, 120-volt power outlets, and the third row with powered seats. Those outlets span across the interior, letting everyone riding along take advantage of them. 

The touchscreen at the front of the vehicle supports both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ letting either side of the phone war play whatever music they desire. Maps, traffic information, voice assist, and wi-fi hotspots are other perks included in the entertainment portion of the vehicle. There’s so much to do that you’ll be surprised when nobody asks, “Are we there yet?”


Brand New Design

The 2023 Sequoia also looks much different from prior iterations. With a design similar to the new Tundra but in SUV form, the design is both sleek and imposing. The colors the Sequoia is slated to come in are as follows.

All Sequoia models come in: White, Wind Chill Pearl, Celestial Silver, Lunar Rock, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Blueprint, Army Green, Midnight Black Metallic, Smoked Mesquite, Supersonic Red, and the TRD-exclusive Solar Octane. 

The premium paint colors are as follows: Wind Chill Pearl and Supersonic Red are available, and the premium color Solar Octane is exclusive to TRD Pro models.

Whatever color you end up choosing, they all look great and reflect a modern design meant to accentuate the Sequoias frame.


Towing In Style

The power of the Sequoia we discussed earlier isn’t just for getting the SUV itself around, it’s also capable of towing whatever your family may be bringing along.

The Sequoia has power that rivals any truck, so those who were wary of an SUV’s ability to tow before, are likely having those worries calmed. The Sequoia can handle up to 9,000 lbs, which is enough for nearly every camper and boat out there. 

So if you’re loading up your family and camper or boat for a fun weekend, take the Sequoia instead of the truck. It keeps you and those riding with you happy and can meet any challenge in towing that a truck can.


Off-Road Potential 

If you go with the TRD Off-Road Package, which is only available in 4WD on the SR5 and other limited models, you’ll be able to go off-road in a way that Sequoias have never before. This option for off-roading is one of the many ways the Sequoia is filling the gap left by the off-roading Land Cruiser. 

The power already in the Sequoia, accompanied by 4WD makes any terrain easy and conquerable. Allowing you to explore with confidence in your ride.


Toyota’s Safety Sense

Like all new Toyota models, the Toyota Sequoia comes with Toyota’s patented Safety Sense. Safety Sense makes Toyota one of the top car manufacturers when it comes to safety. Consistently being ranked as such, by consumers and boards alike. 

This technology, alongside the Sequoia’s size and performance, creates a vehicle sure to be safe for you and your family.


Details of The Sequoia’s Release

If you’re excited by the details surrounding the Sequoia, the natural next question is, “When and where can I get it?”

The Sequoia will hit dealerships in the Summer of 2022, so at the time of this article, their release is just around the corner. While most Toyota dealerships will have the vehicle available, finding the right dealership is important and Mount Airy Toyota is prepared to help with everything related to the new Sequoia.

Toyota hasn’t yet released the official pricing for the Sequoia, though we can expect some official news very soon. The basic trim is anticipated to cost roughly $53,000 with the most advanced trim at $69,000. I encourage you to follow Toyota’s news closely for the official price announcement. 


Why Mount Airy Toyota?

Mount Airy Toyota isn’t like every other dealership, they’re committed to customer satisfaction and reflect that in every aspect of their practice. With every testimonial on the website being positive, you’re nearly guaranteed to leave with a similar impression.

They’re also well-stocked on new vehicles, so you’ve got a much better chance at getting the coveted Sequoia before they run out.

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So for the SUV lovers, be ready for an SUV designed for the future, be ready for Summer and the launch of the 2023 Sequoia, and consider choosing Mount Airy Toyota as your partner in the search for the Sequoia.

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