The Newest Land Cruiser Exceeds Expectations

July 20th, 2021 by

2021 Land Cruiser Mount Airy

Toyota revealed the newest Land Cruiser model this Summer. Building on its 70-year heritage, the 300 Series—now the flagship model—seems to take all the best parts of previous Land Cruisers while evolving in areas that needed improvement.

The automaker has proclaimed “reliability, durability, and off-road performance” as the reasons for more than 10 million worldwide sales throughout the nameplate’s history. And Toyota also boasts that the new Land Cruiser equips drivers to “go anywhere and everywhere, and bring you back safe and well.” Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series:


Upholding Tradition

The very first Land Cruiser came in the form of a 1951 Toyota BJ, which was a four-wheel-drive vehicle that offered a powerful engine and unprecedented performance on adverse terrain. The BJ became a standard police patrol automobile throughout Japan, and from there the Land Cruiser nameplate has maintained legendary status. In fact, Toyota estimates that more than 300,000 units have sold per year since then in 170 countries and regions across the globe.

Simply put, there’s no other vehicle in its class that matches the reputation of the Land Cruiser. The SUV has long been a staple in humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts, a one-of-a-kind tool that enables people to get around in areas of the world where travel would otherwise be impossible, and a vehicle that helps enrich lives by facilitating safari explorations and other experiences that no other vehicle can provide.

Toyota has kept all of this in mind while developing the new Land Cruiser. But as can be expected, it also hasn’t shied away from incorporating new technology and making improvements that push the vehicle to even higher standards.


Evolving Where Necessary

Succeeding the 200 Series as the flagship Land Cruiser, the 300 Series is a station wagon model. It rides on the new GA-F platform, which is based on TNGA. While it maintains the frame structure of previous models, this structure has been redesigned to reduce total vehicle weight and boost rigidity. Several new technologies have been incorporated to increase the overall safety and comfort for drivers and passengers, such as improved wheel articulation, an upgraded suspension system, and an automatic driving mode selector, among others.


On the Outside

Both the exterior and interior of the new Land Cruiser can be described in a single phrase: functional beauty. This year’s Land Cruiser is as attractive as you will find, especially if you’re into off-road vehicles. From the bumper shape to the light positions, every design aspect stays true to the rich heritage this vehicle has garnered over seven decades. The overall vehicle size is identical to the previous model; the total length and width, wheelbase, and approach and departure angles all promote optimal off-road function and performance.

On the Inside

Toyota has enhanced operational comfort in the new Land Cruiser. The repositioning of switches and controls allows for intuitive, practical operation in tough situations. And new color and shape designs aid drivers as well. Moreover, drivers are assisted by a horizontal instrument panel, which captures the vehicle’s position in all-terrain environments.


Powertrain and Performance

The world’s leading automaker is improving both performance and environmental standards at every turn, and that philosophy is clearly demonstrated in the new Land Cruiser. The vehicle gets an all-new V6 twin-turbo engine that comes in either a 3.5-liter gasoline or 3.3-liter diesel. It also gets a newly developed 10-speed automatic transmission—the DirectShift-10AT. Combining the engine, transmission, and lighter body weight, this year’s Land Cruiser is more eco-conscious than ever.

That said, the Land Cruiser’s performance has also improved. Simply put, it offers the most effective and pleasant driving experience of any Land Cruiser before it, especially when it comes to off-road situations.

The new model has adopted the first-of-its-kind E-KDSS (Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System), which improves the vehicle’s ability to hold to the road. Via the Multi-Terrain Select feature, the new Land Cruiser can automatically assess road surfaces and choose the ideal driving mode. Additionally, the Multi-Terrain Monitor reveals obstacles in the driver’s path that would otherwise go unnoticed (until it was too late).


The new Land Cruiser comes standard with the Toyota Safety Sense active safety package, as well as two additional functions that help drivers prevent collision or damage by detecting surrounding vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. Furthermore, the Land Cruiser has adopted Toyota’s new Parking Support Brake, which ultimately helps reduce the risk of parking lot accidents.


If reliability, durability, and off-road performance are top priorities for you, then it doesn’t get better than the new Toyota Land Cruiser. Stay posted with Mount Airy Toyota on when you can expect a North America release of this exceptional vehicle.

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