Summer Heat Kills Your Car

July 18th, 2016 by

Summer Heat

Mount Airy Toyota Scion’s service department wants to make sure your car is running at full capacity this summer. And this starts with identifying the problem and knowing where to take your car to get it fixed.


One of the first things to die on your car during the summer is the battery. The extreme heat causes the liquid inside the battery to evaporate. These low fluid levels will then damage the core of the battery and eventually kill it completely. This can be frustrating and expensive. But it does not have to be.


The worst-case scenario is that your car dies, right when you need it, and you have to get it towed. This can be pricey. A new battery can run a few hundred dollars, and towing can be even more depending on how far away you are from the service department. So what can you do? On those really hot days pay extra attention to the sound of your car as you start it. Does it seem to take a little longer to turn over? Does it seem sluggish? This could be your first warning sign that the battery liquid is low, and it would be a good idea to head straight over to Mount Airy Toyota Scion’s service department to have them give it a look.


One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes it is not the battery that is dying or dead. It could be the alternator. This device charges your battery as the car runs, and if it is damaged or ruined it can be even more expensive than a bad battery. Some warning signs your alternator is fading? Dim lights, trouble starting, strange smells, odd sounds, and warning lights. If any of these things occur it is time to head over to Mount Airy Toyota Scion.


Whether you are in Jonesville, VA or Charlotte, NC, you know the summer heat is going to be intense. So don’t take chances with your vehicle. You don’t have to be a mechanic or crawl underneath your car. Just pay attention and heed the warning signs. Then head over to Mount Airy Toyota Scion and let the professionals take care of you.

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