Rain Forecasted in Mount Airy – Don’t Drive In A Flood

June 30th, 2023 by

Driving during heavy rains can be treacherous especially if flash floods are predicted. Weather forecasters are already expecting heavier rainfall for this summer. According to Weather.com, El Nino might cause “wetter than average” conditions and may cause more thunderstorms for the Carolinas. According to co.surry.nc.us, the most dangerous place to be during flooding is on the road.

Don't Drive in a Flood

At Mount Airy Toyota, we want drivers to be prepared and know how to drive in a flood. If you are driving when it is or has recently been raining heavily, you could have to deal with flooded roads. Here are some tips for driving in a flood:

Prepare in Advance. The old adage from the Boys Scouts of “Always Be Prepared,” is still great advice. Pack an emergency kit that includes maps, drinking water, radio with batteries, flares, blanket, and flashlight. Also, be aware of roads and areas that are more likely to flood and avoid those routes during heavy rains.

Slow Down. When you are approaching standing water, slow down. If there are other cars, let each car pass through the water one at a time. Only drive through standing water if it is less than six inches deep

Estimate Depth. Before driving through standing or pooling water, estimate the depth of the water by looking at other indicators on the road. If it appears to be more than 6 inches, turn around. A car can stall in as little as six inches. A foot of water can make a car or even an SUV float and 2 feet of water can make the car float away.

Respect Closed Roads. If you see a barricade, do not try to drive through it or around it. The barricade means the passage is unsafe and you should turn around.

Get to Higher Ground. If your car stalls while driving through water, get out of the car and get to higher ground. Be sure to call 9-1-1 for help. If you can’t get to higher ground without wading through the flood water, get on top of your car to wait for emergency help.

Remember, your car is not a boat! Driving through floodwaters can be a dangerous gamble. Be aware of alternate routes, so that you can always turn around and go a different way. For more information on preparing for a flood, visit: https://ncdisaster.ces.ncsu.edu/disaster-factsheets/preparedness/

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