2015 Toyota Tacoma: A Truck For Everyone

April 14th, 2015 by

The 2015 Toyota Tacoma isn’t overly large (you don’t need to find two parking spaces to keep from dings and scrapes), but it does maintain a presence and allows for extra interior space. The Tacoma is a mid-sized pickup more than able to pull its weight around with a tow capacity of up to 6,500 pounds, and it has the maneuverability to navigate easily through congested traffic. It also comes with a tough V-6 engine, and four-wheel-drive. New this year to the Tacoma is the absence of the base level, regular cab models. Also this year are new body styles and sizes to fit your specific needs, as well as a nicely upgraded interior.

What I like best about the 2015 Tacoma is that instead of the buyer choosing between differing trim levels, he or she is able to pick and choose individual aspects to the truck. Some of these include: bed length, cab style, engine type, and drivetrain. You can even be as picky as deciding on either cloth or leather upholstery, heated front seats, cruise control, remote keyless entry, reverse camera, and alloy wheels. It might take a little more time to research exactly what you want, but this does allow you to be more specific than most other truck brands.

Standard with the new 2015 Tacoma is Toyota’s Entune audio system. This is an advanced audio layout that can be upgraded as you see fit. It includes tons of Web-based apps and a great navigational system.

Come sit inside the new Tacoma and see that all upholstery, compartments, and dashes are soft to the touch and incredibly durable, and the seats are plush and more comfortable than ever. With soft lighting, smooth surfaces, and extra legroom, you might mistake the interior for that of a luxury sedan—a sedan with four-wheel-drive and a tough engine.

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