Mount Airy Toyota Brake Service and Repair

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car so why take chances on re-built or inferior brake products? Genuine Toyota brake components are designed specifically for your car and built to the same high standards as your original parts. From brake pads to calipers, rotors, drums and shoes, Genuine Toyota brake components help provide safety and durability. Schedule a Toyota Brake Inspection, Service or Repair at Mount Airy Toyota to keep your vehicle safe.

Why Choose Mount Airy?

Mount Airy Toyota believes that your brakes are one of the most important maintenance concerns to stay on top of with your car.  There are two important components – your brake pads and

brake rotors.  So during your regularly scheduled maintenance and service appointments, our qualified service technicians will inspect, and if necessary, suggest maintenance procedures to help prevent potential brake problems in the first place.

  • Inspection of the brake hoses for brittleness or cracking.
  • Inspection of brake lining and pads for wear or contamination by brake fluid or grease.
  • Inspection of wheel bearings and grease seals.
  • Adjust parking brake as needed
  • Check brake fluid level at every oil change. Replace fluid according to the Owner’s Manual recommendations.
  • Calipers and wheel cylinders should be checked every brake inspection and serviced or replaced as required.
  • Inspect the brake lines for rust, punctures or visible leaks (you may be able to do this, but consult a qualified technician if necessary).

How Your Brakes Work

Brakes are an essential component of safety in any vehicle.  But have you ever wondered how your brakes work?

  • When you engage your foot with the brake petal, your car sends a signal of force from your foot to the brakes of all 4 wheels through a fluid.
  • Your actual brakes demand a much greater force than your foot can apply, so your car must multiply the force of your foot.
  • This fluid provides a mechanical advantage using leverage and hydraulic force multiplied.
  • The brakes system can exert as much as 1,000 pounds (450 kg) of hydraulic pressure on each of the four brakes.

Brake Trouble Signs

  1. Are your brakes making squealing, chirping, or grinding noises?
  2. Does your brake pedal pulsate or feel soft?
  3. Does it take longer distances to come to a complete stop?
  4. Does your vehicle pull to one side when stopping?
  5. Does your steering wheel shake when applying the brakes?
  6. Do you see excessive brake dust on the wheels?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, have your Certified Service technician inspect your brakes right away.

Schedule Brake Inspection Today!

Keeping up with brake maintenance will give your brakes a longer life, save you money and keep you safer on the roads.  Mount Airy Toyota looks forward to doing just that – keeping you in a car you love to drive and most importantly, safe on the roads. Click Here to Schedule your Brake Inspection Now!

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