Minivans are the sexy new car of 2024, and the Toyota Sienna is the one to buy!

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Minivans are the sexy new car of 2024, and the Toyota Sienna is the one to buy!

With the emergence of the SUV, many thought the days of the minivan were numbered. But the family van has proven itself true in the midst of the continual surge of sport utility vehicles and crossovers and has done so by finding the perks that make life easier when toting around children and friends (automatic sliding doors for one!) Toyota is all about making driving easier and more enjoyable. Among the many options of minivans out there today, Toyota has taken big strides in creating a modern, sexy driver…and it happens to be a minivan.


Minivans are the sexy new car of 2024, and the Toyota Sienna is the one to buy!

One important aspect of the new Toyota Sienna minivan, one that sets it apart from the others in its class, is that all new models come as hybrid only. Since there has been so much success with hybrid vehicles–especially Toyota hybrids–they figured why not? And it’s doubtful anyone will disagree with them for this, especially since Toyota has also expanded its hybrid warranty. Now, any Sienna model from 2020 forward will receive a 10-year battery warranty from first use or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. Going from an 8-year warranty or 100,000 miles to this is a bold move. A sign of confidence in the power, performance, and longevity of Toyota’s hybrid battery.


The Sienna is also one of the only minivans to come in all-wheel-drive, which is a pretty distinguishing factor if you think about it. Why wouldn’t you want the option for an all-wheel-drive minivan? Imagine getting stuck on an icy driveway or a muddy, washed-out road—with kids in tow! The Toyota Sienna is truly a game-changer for minivan drivers mostly because it doesn’t feel or drive, or even look, like a traditional family van. The Sienna is sporty, cool, and futuristic. Something fun everyone.


Impressive Features

The all-new, 2024 Toyota Sienna comes packed with all the modern, useful features. This gallery of goods is best experienced, but you can get the gist of how impressive these are in the descriptions that follow:


  • Hands-Free Power Sliding Side Doors and Liftgate. Whether it’s a kid or a pet or groceries, there always seems to be someone or something keeping you from being able to open or shut a sliding door to the van. Automatic sliding doors have been around for a little while now, so not too impressive there–but, did you know the Sienna has motion-activated auto doors? Simply wave your foot or give a low air-kick and the door will open. You can even close it the same way. Now, that’s impressive.


  • Front and Rear Parking Assist with Automatic Braking. When parking is tight and you need a little assistance, allow the Sienna’s Parking Assistant to help by providing you with both audio and visual notifications. Don’t let the pressure of parking keep you from perfect symmetry. Let the Sienna do its thing (it also uses auto braking in case there is something behind you that you can’t see. They thought of everything.)


  • Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. The 2024 Sienna comes with blind spot monitoring, a standard among newer vehicles these days, as it alerts you to when a car is approaching from the next lane. What the new Sienna has in addition to this safety feature is a rear cross-traffic alert, which alerts you of any vehicles approaching when you are in reverse.


  • Four-Zone Climate Control. When inside a van full of people, some like it hot while others like it cool–then there’s that one in the back who can never be satisfied. Using the Sienna’s four-zone climate control allows passengers to control their own air by setting a temp to his or her liking. Toyota knows how to keep everyone happy, even grumpy pants in the back seat.


  • Remote Connect. Using your phone, you can control certain aspects of your new Sienna. Start and stop the engine; lock or unlock the doors; you can even monitor the vehicle’s overall status through a free app. This is a great way to keep up with the health of the van so you never have to worry about an unwanted surprise.


  • WI-FI Connect. Your vehicle can now easily turn into an internet hotspot. By enabling WI-FI Connect, 4G internet pops up, ready to use. A total of 5 devices can use the internet while you drive down the road without any lag time. On longer road trips, this is a great way to save phone plan data and battery power, and all it takes is the flip of a switch.


  • Android Auto Compatibility. Every new Sienna comes with the Android Auto suite, which allows you to display your phone’s apps on the touchscreen display. This means you can play your favorite songs, receive driving directions, and make calls and texts all with simple voice commands so you never have to take your eyes off the road.


As far as driving performance goes, the new Sienna wins again. No matter the trim level you choose, each is powered by the same 245-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine—in conjunction with a 5-speed automatic transmission and electronic power steering. And though the new Sienna does come with a powerful V-4, its gas mileage is still at an impressive 36mpg city and 36mpg highway. This is thanks to that hefty hybrid battery.


Besides the all-wheel-drive capability and high-level driving performance, the Sienna has something else to offer: extra space. Inside the cabin, there is plenty of storage with a double glove box, a wide tailgate (for easy loading of bulky or awkwardly shaped objects), and a flat and low floor, which makes it easy for children to enter and exit. Most impressive, and most beneficial to those scenic road trips, is the quality of the interior. The new Sienna contains larger display screens, making navigation and interaction with the vehicle even easier than before. The wide sweeping dash allows for optimal room for all passengers—including the driver. And there are three rows of seating and separate climate controls ensuring comfort for even the most difficult to please. There is even the option for fine leather upholstery throughout, making this van as luxurious as possible.


The key to enjoying the open road begins with the vehicle. It must keep everyone comfortable and happy for sometimes hours on end—especially if you get turned around and a bit lost.


The Sienna is one of the best and innovative minivans out today. The 2024 lineup has a sharp look with LED lights and a modern front grille design. It sits atop a finely tuned suspension made for hauling and pulling, and easy riding. There is a newer, sexier generation of minivans on the market these days, and the 2024 Sienna is leading the charge. Don’t waste your time looking at anything else when the best is right here. Come visit us at Mount Airy Toyota today and see the impressive features of America’s favorite minivan firsthand.




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