5 Reasons to Buy the 2015 Toyota Tacoma

June 16th, 2015 by

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  • 1)Performance

With the combination of a naturally high center of gravity and an adjustable suspension, able to be raised or lowered, the new Tacoma does equally well on or off the road. In addition to this, the new Tacoma possesses perhaps the most important off-roading device of all—a locking differential. This feature overrides the issue of a particular wheel losing traction when in extreme off-roading situations by causing both wheels to work together and spin simultaneously. This enables much better traction and ease through the toughest terrain imaginable.


The 2015 Tacoma is essentially two trucks in one. On the outside, it’s compact with sleek, tight lines giving it an aerodynamic, modern look.  Inside, it’s quite the opposite: open, roomy, and comfortable, allowing space for the entire family. Compared to other mid-sized trucks, the Tacoma offers the most in space and comfort.

  • 3) Innovation

This year Tacoma drivers will find a fully upgraded Entune system, giving the vehicle’s stereo connectivity to mobile apps. And sound quality this year is excellent too. The LCD screen can be used to navigate music, traffic, and weather, with the added feature of voice command. Also included with the Tacoma’s Entune system are HD radio and text-to-voice, making the 2015 Tacoma one of the most connected trucks on the road today.

  • 4) Maneuverability

Because the Tacoma is considered compact in nature, it is able to go where larger trucks could never fit. And with its highly responsive steering, drivers won’t have to worry about nicking other cars or objects when navigating through tight parking garages or crowded streets.

  • 5) Safety

Last, but not least, the Tacoma—as with any Toyota on the market today—is incredibly safe. This year’s Tacoma gained high praise from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in side, rear, and frontal impact. Hopefully you will never have to test these safety features out, but it is nice knowing they are there when you need them.

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