2015 Toyota Rav4: Always Getting Better

April 10th, 2015 by

The Toyota Rav4 has always been an eye-catcher. It’s been designed well from the start: the exterior is never bulky—instead, it’s curved just right with long lines combined to create ergonomic shapes throughout. And nothing about the Rav4 is overdone. It does many things with many buttons, yet they all seem to fit perfectly in their tiny spaces—leaving excess room to stretch and stow. The Rav4 was cool from the start. And it has only gotten better over the years.

The comfort and quality of Toyota’s new Rav4 is excellent. Though it hasn’t really grown in size (because it hasn’t needed to) and it has advanced in ways of placement. Cup-holders, armrests, the seats themselves, they have all been specially designed to maximize space without taking away from comfort. This is exactly what the Rav4 does best—evolve into a better version of itself by perfecting the little things done well, and fixing those few bits that have failed.

Though Toyota has stopped making the 6-cylinder version, the 4-cylinder actually handles better than any Rav4 engine of the past. And once you step in for a drive, you can’t help but notice the expertly smooth drive. It handles curves and off-the beaten-path terrain with ease and comfort, keeping all the passengers happy, especially the driver.

This year, a promising upgrade for the Rav4 is the electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system. Toyota has offered this before, but never as sophisticated. Now, with the anti-slippage design, the power is split 50/50 at up to 25 mph (while in four-wheel-drive Lock mode). And, this system increases the Rav4’s ability to corner and correct with loose gravel or dirt.

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