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Wiper Blades

New Wiper Blades Improve Visibility

At Mount Airy Toyota, we're all about safety. We want to ensure our customers  have the safest vehicles on the road, and that they know how to keep their cars safe. There are some little things  that drivers can do that can make a big difference when driving on any kind of  road and in any kind of conditions.

So  it sounds obvious, but good visibility is essential for driving safely. And as  drivers, we oftentimes jump in our car and assume that our windshield will  always be clean. However, a dirty or cracked windshield can cause a blind spot,  and so can messy weather. So when it comes to visibility in any weather, being  able to keep your windshield clean at all times is important.  But when it comes to inclement weather, a  good set of wiper blades can be as important as the use of safety belts.  If you can't see…you are putting yourself and  your passengers in danger.

All wipers may look alike, but they may not all  fit or work alike. Toyota Genuine wiper blades feature heavy duty blade  construction and are designed specifically for your Toyota so they'll fit  properly.  But how do you know when to  change out your wipers?  There are a  couple things to look for:  Since all  wipers are made of rubber, the will naturally begin to wear out after a few  months of use.  As the rubber ages, it  will harden and start to crack. Wipers should have a rubbery look and feel to  them. So if you find your wipers getting stiff and making noise, it is time to  replace them.

Also look for wipers that leave a streak or  streaks of water across the windshield as they move. This is a sure sign that  they are not doing their job which is to clear the viewing area so the driver can  see. This also tells you that the rubber on the wiper has lost its grip and it  is time to change them out. 

Here at Mount Airy Toyota, we'd be glad to help  you understand if your wiper blades need to be changed.  We can do it for you or you can buy the parts  and do it yourself. To find out the size blades you need, measure the old  rubber blades and stop into our Parts  Department.  If you don't have the size information, we  can look it up for you.

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